Urgent Campaign: YJFA Needs Your Help

A Community in Crisis

For 2500 years, Yemeni Jews have been a vital and sacred link in the Jewish tradition. Now, however, a lengthy chapter in history closes as our Jewish brethren in Yemen must flee to safety.

Chilling murders, unrelenting violence, and incapacitating fear face Yemen’s remaining 200 Jews.

A Community in Fear

A new era can and must dawn for those who still remain. Yet, despite the terror and indiscriminate bloodshed, many are hesitant to leave and embark upon new lives. Family and friends who have already relocated share painful stories of poverty, insecurity, and despair. Uprooted from their village homes and thrown into lifestyles they do not comprehend, these Jews are unable to cope, especially once the funds they receive to ease their transition dry up. They struggle to survive without sufficient food or adequate housing. Furthermore, they are devastated at their inability to provide their children with a religious education. With this fear of the unknown–compounded by expectations of financial distress–many consider staying with the life “they already know” in Yemen. Unfortunately, with the current unrest in the country, Yemen can no longer protect its Jews from thugs and Muslim extremists. It has become simply too dangerous to raise Jewish families in Yemen.

Turning to YJFA for Support

When crisis strikes, this small Jewish community calls on their friends at the Yemenite Jewish Federation of America. When Moshe Yaish Nahari, a young Yemeni communal leader, was murdered in cold blood in 2008 after refusing to convert to Islam, the first frantic phone calls were made to YJFA. Soon after, when attackers shot at Sayid Ben Yisrael, another leader of the embattled community, and firebombed his home, YJFA sprung into action to orchestrate a covert escape plan for community members.

Since 1985, YJFA has been there for the Jewish community in Yemen. 

Paving the Way for Yemeni Relocation

Yemeni Jews must be assured that their lives will change for the better once they leave their homes. Cultural shock is disorienting even when finances are not a concern, but when it is combined with financial difficulty, the resulting emotional stress can be overwhelming. We cannot let fear of the unknown hold these families back when their lives are at stake.

Our urgent mission is to rescue Yemen’s Jews at this critical juncture where abandonment means almost certain demise.

Th rough our connections with the United States government, Israel’s Sochnut (Jewish Agency) and charitable organizations including the UJA and HIAS, we will galvanize support and implement strategies to most effectively assist and support these families as they transition to a new life.

Rescue Mission: The Last Remant

With a $25,000 allotment per family, we can ensure a family’s well-being by providing them with a full line of necessities and giving them a reasonable opportunity to acclimate so that they can ultimately support themselves with dignity and self respect. We must not let this opportunity for saving our Jewish brethren’s lives pass, only later to regret that we already forgot those chilling words, “Never again.” We must liberate and resettle our Yemeni brothers and sisters NOW. 

How You Can Help

Through your generous contribution, we at YJFA can provide these desperate Yemeni families with basic necessities, comforting social programs, and most of all, the confidence they need to begin their lives anew. Imagine that for only $25,000 per family, with your help, YJFA can give these families the promise of a better life.



The YJFA Scholarship Program provides financial support for Yemenite Jewish students in Israel wishing to attend university. When the program started in 2005, 11 students were supported....

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